History of Chemistry and Art

Over the years, I have collected both books and prints related to the history of chemistry. Some items from my personal collection are included here.

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James Gillray (1757-1815) "Scientific Researches!—New Discoveries in PNEUMATICKS!—or—an Experimental Lecture on the Powers of Air," published May 23, 1802 by H. Humphrey, St. James's Street. The original is hand colored.

Read about Humphrey Davy's experiment with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) at The Public Domain Review Read the actual account "Details and Effects produced by the Respiration of Nitrous Oxide upon different Individuals furnished by Themselves"

Vanity Fair Caricatures of Famous Scientists

Sir William Crookes: Picture and text

M. and Madam Curie: Picture and text

M. Louis Pasteur: Picture and text

Sir William Ramsay: Picture and text

Lord Rayleigh: Picture and text




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