• The General Chem Laboratory Survival Manual

NOW AVAILABLE - The essential safety, apparatus, and laboratory procedure manual for your classes.

The General Chemistry Laboratory Survival Manual

by David A. Katz

ISBN 0-7380-1361-7

Hayden-McNeil Publishing, Inc.

14903 Pilot Drive

Plymouth , MI , 48170

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Safety in the Academic Laboratory

Chapter 2 The MSDS

Chapter 3 Test on Safety in the Academic Laboratory

Chapter 4 Laboratory Glassware and Apparatus

Chapter 5 Your Laboratory Drawer

Chapter 6 Laboratory Glassware: Its Use, Care, and Cleaning

Chapter 7 Volumetric Glassware: Graduated Cylinders, Burets, and Pipets

Chapter 8 The Bunsen Burner

Chapter 9 Mass Determination with Laboratory Balances

Chapter 10 Filtering Solutions

Chapter 11 Melting Point Determination

Chapter 12 Micro Boiling Point Determination

Chapter 13 The Spectronic 20 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Chapter 14 The pH Meter

Chapter 15 The Laboratory Notebook

Chapter 16 Laboratory Reports

Chapter 17 Error Analysis in Chemistry Experiments

Chapter 18 Graphing

Chapter 19 Looking Up Data: Chemistry Handbooks

Chapter 20 Grades of Purity for Chemicals

Chapter 21 Composition of Concentrated Reagent Solutions

Back Cover: Emergencies