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Science and Science Fiction is a topic in my CHM 121, Chemistry and Society, course for non-majors at Pima Community College. Students read a selection of short stories, many that involve chemistry, along with science articles from journals such as Scientific American, Chemistry World, and other sources. Since the short stoires and related science articles may be copyrighted materials, they cannot be printed on this web page. They are distributed in class on a CD-ROM for fair use.

Science fiction materials I use in my classroom This is a list of short stories and articles I used to draw materials from in the spring semester of 2013. Contact David A. Katz for more information.


Click on one of the titles below to read a bibliography on science and science fiction from a symposium on Science and Science Fiction, by Connie Willis, Courtney Willis, and David A. Katz, presented at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) national meeting, Boston, MA, March 25-28, 1999.

These are PDF files and require Acrobat Reader

A Bibliography of Science Related Science Fiction by Connie Willis

Ways to use Science Fiction in the Science Classroom by Connie Willis, David Katz, and Courtney Willis

Science and Science Fiction With Emphasis on Chemistry and Science Fiction by David A. Katz (Includes a section on chemistry in science fiction movies.)

Note: These bibliographies have not been significantly updated as a number of Internet web sites devoted to science and science fiction have been developed in the ensuing years. Some of the sites I have found to be useful are listed below.

Links to some useful science fiction sites

Technovelgy This is a link to the Technovelgy web site which lists inventions, technology and ideas of science fiction writers.

Center for the Study of Science Fiction This is a link to The J. Wayne and Elsie Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas. In addition to a large amount of information, it has links to other resources.

Sci-Fi Science is a web site created by a group of professional scientists to explore the true science unerlying popular science fiction. There is a lot of interesting material on this web site.

AboutSF The Educational outreach arm of theCenter for the Study of Science Fiction and is a joint-project of thescience Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and the Science Fiction Research Association. Among the information on this web site are reader's guides and teacher resources.

The Best Science Fiction Stories Ever Written This is a link to a web site by Rusty with an extensive listing of science fiction short stories, a description of each story, and where to find them.

Infnity plus A web site for science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories, extracts, reviews, interviews and more.

Historical Dictonary of Science Fiction This is a work-in-progress edited by Jesse Sheidlower. It is a comprehensive quotation-based dictionary of the language of science fiction. Originally an offshoot of a project begun by the Oxford English Dictionary. Seachable by word or author.

The Pulp Magazine Archive is a collection of over 1000 science fiction pulp magazines published from 1896 through the 1950s. Their entire contents are accessible and searchable online. The text of each is readable as PDF files. This is a project of The Internet Archive, a non-profit digital library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

Sci-Fi /Horror archive is a collection of over 458 science fiction and horror films that is a part of The Internet Archive. Some films may have a description of background of the film and each film has viewer reviews.