• Magic Into Science

Magic Into Science

Click on one of the titles below to read a selected demonstration from Magic into Science, by David A. Katz, which was originally presented at Chem Ed '93 at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN, August 1993, and internationally since then. This is the presentation given at the 223rd American Chemical Society national meeting in Orlando, FL, in April 2002:

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References for Magic into Science

Magic Signs - in preparation

The Burning Book a way to light up your first class or a presentation

A Chemical Genie which should be followed by The Preparation of Oxygen

Pouring Out a Candle

Cut and Heal

Disappearing Water

The Fireproof Balloon

Non-burning Paper

Observations of a Burning Candle

Silver Flask

Turning Phenolphthalein Red With Acid

Red Sunset


Sorry, but I do not reveal the sugar cube experiment.